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Synthesize and Characterization of a Novel ‎Cadmium Selenide‏ ‏Nanoparticle with Iron ‎Precursor Applicable in Hyperthermia of ‎Cancer Cells

Volume 17, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 77-90

N. Jafaripour; H. Omidvar; S. Saber-Samandari; R. Mohammadi; R. Shokrani Foroushani; B. Kamyab Moghadas; M. Soleimani; B. Noshadi; A. Khandan

Role of Green Synthesized CuO ‎Nanoparticles of Trigonella Foenum-‎Graecum L. Leaves and their Impact on ‎Structural, Optical and Antimicrobial ‎Activity ‎

Volume 17, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 109-121

S. P. Lakshmanan; S. T. Jostar; G. J. Arputhavalli; S. Jebasingh; C. M. R. Josephine