Numerical Simulation of MHD Boundary ‎Layer Stagnation Flow of Nanofluid over a ‎Stretching Sheet with Slip and Convective ‎Boundary Conditions

Document Type: Research Paper


1 ‎Department of Mathematics, University College of Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad, ‎‎500007, Telangana, India.‎

2 ‎Department of Mathematics, Government Degree College, Adilabad, 504001, Telangana, ‎India.‎


   An investigation is carried out on MHD stagnation point flow of water-based nanofluids in which the heat and mass transfer includes the effects of slip and convective boundary conditions. Employing the similarity variables, the governing partial differential equations including continuity, momentum, energy, and concentration have been reduced to ordinary ones and solved by using Keller-Box method. The behavior of emerging parameters is presented graphically and discussed for velocity, temperature, and nanoparticles fraction. The numerical results indicate that for the stretching sheet, the velocity at a point decreases with the increase in the values of  and M; whereas both temperature and nanoparticle concentration increase with the increase in velocity slip parameter ( , magnetic parameter (M) and convective parameter ( . And also, observed that the velocity profile increases with the increase in velocity ratio parameter.