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Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2020, Pages 73-144 

Research Paper

1. Synthesis, Characterization, and ‎Antibacterial Activity of ZnO ‎Nanoparticles from Organic Extract of ‎Cola Nitida and Cola Acuminata Leaf‎

Pages 73-89

A. E. Aquisman; B. S. Wee; S. F. Chin; D. E. Kwabena; K. O. Michael; T. Bakeh; Sh. Semawi; D. S. Sylvester

5. The Effect of Temperature and Acidity on ‎Antimicrobial Activities of Pristine ‎MWCNTs and MWCNTs-Arg

Pages 127-136

H. Zare-Zardini; M. Shanbedi; H. Soltaninejad; M. Mohammadzadeh; A. Amiri; A. A. Hamidieh; F. Ferdowsian; A. Alemi; S. Hoseinkhani; F. Fesahat; A. Astani

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Iranian Nanotechnology Society

Editor-in-Chief Executive Manager
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