Synthesis of LDPE/Nano TiO2 Nanocomposite for Packaging Applications

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, I. R. Iran


Improving barrier properties through the use of nanocomposites is an important area of research, especially for the food packaging industry. In this work, Titanium dioxide (TiO2 )/Low density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) nanocomposites were synthesized as the oxygen barrier layers through the co-extrusion process. The Oxygen permeability of the nanocomposite with 4% of TiO2 decreased for about 16% compared to the pristine LDPE. Furthermore, the rancidity of almonds in the packaging which is made of the former is about 78% less than the latter. Therefore, from the data obtained from the permeation, mechanical and degradation experiments, it can be concluded that these nanocomposites provide promising applications as O2-barrier and antidegradation agents in food packaging.