Effect of Nano-Textured Silicon Substrate ‎on the Synthesize of Metal Oxides ‎Nanostructures

Document Type : Research Paper


1 RF MEMS and Bio-Nano Electronics Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahid ‎Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran.‎

2 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, ‎Kerman, Iran.‎


Metal oxides such as ZnO, SnO2 and W2O3 with super properties are widely used in the different fields of science and proper synthesis of these materials is of the great importance. In this work, some metal oxides with nano structures including SnO2 nanopyramids, V2O5 nanowires and hierarchical structure of SnO2 nanopyramids and ZnO nanowires were grown at low temperature by hydrothermal method. Both bare and nano-textured silicon substrates were employed for the synthesis of mentioned nano structures. Nanotextures of silicon substrate are called nano-grasses and were obtained by a deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) method with successive etching and passivation sub-cycles, using an RF-plasma at different conditions. Comparing SEM images of the synthesized nanostructures on two simple and nanotextured silicon substrates show that there are great differences between growths on these substrates such as higher density and better uniformity. Therefore, application of nano-textured silicon substrates can improve the growth process of metal oxide nanostructures, which can promote various applications of these materials in the different scientific fields.