Effect of Using Nano Encapsulated Phase Change Material on Thermal Performance of Micro Heat Sink

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Advanced Technologies, Dep. of Nano Chemical Eng., Shiraz University, Shiraz, I.R.Iran


The aim of this paper is to enhance thermal performance of a microchannel heat sink by using nanoencapsulated
phase change material (NEPCM) slurry as a cooling fluid instead of pure fluid. A threedimensional model of a circular channel using water slurry of NEPCM was developed. The results show a significant reduction in the mean fluid temperature along the channel and heat sink wall temperature under certain conditions for heat flux rates that depend on the NEPCM-slurry volume fraction and slurry inlet velocity. Lower temperatures across the electronic device can be attained at high heat flux compared with using water as the only cooling fluid.