Comparison of Binary and Ternary ‎Compositions of Ni-Co-Cu Oxides/VACNTs ‎Electrodes for Energy Storage Devices with ‎Excellent Capacitive Behaviour

Document Type: Research Paper


1 ‎Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Imam Khomeini International ‎University, Qazvin, Iran.‎

2 ‎Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Imam Khomeini ‎International University, Qazvin, Iran.‎

3 ‎Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, ‎Iran.‎


   Electrochemical performance of binary and ternary oxides composed of Ni, Co and Cu produced over a 3-dimensional substrate of vertically aligned carbon nano-tubes (VACNT) as electrodes for aqueous energy sources, is reported and compared in this paper. VACNTs were fabricated inside a DC-plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber and composite materials fabricated by thermal decomposition method on the surface of VACNT electrodes. XRD, Raman and electron microscopy tests were used to verify electrodes proper composition and interface between the electrodes substrate and active material. Cyclo-voltammetry experiments were done over electrodes and Co-Cu oxide/VACNT electrode found to have the highest charge capacity of 230 mC cm-2 among the electrodes.  Electrical impedance spectroscopy was done to determine electrodes electrical behavior in different frequencies and find their characteristics quality as well.