Modelling of Cylindrical Contact Theories ‎of Hertz and JKR for the Manipulation of ‎Biological Micro/Nanoparticles

Document Type : Research Paper


Robotic Research Laboratory, Center of Excellence in Experimental Solid Mechanics and ‎Dynamics, School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, ‎P.O. Box 13114-16846 Tehran, Iran.‎


   This paper deals with the development and modeling of cylindrical contact theories and also the simulation of contact forces to be applied in the manipulation of various biological micro/nanoparticles by means of the AFM. First, the simulation of contact forces in four environments has been carried out, which are the most commonly used fluid in biomanipulation. Then, the spherical and cylindrical contact models of Hertz and JKR have been compared for the nanoparticles of gold and DNA, and the developed cylindrical models have been validated by comparing the cylindrical contact results with the existing spherical contact results. The biomanipulation of rod-shaped micro/nanoparticles in different biological environments have been modeled and the results have been compared. The modeling results indicated that the JKR cylindrical model, developed in this article, had less deformation for gold nanoparticles compared with biological nanoparticles, which was justifiable in view of the considered particles’ mechanical properties.